The Wheelie Bin Cover disguises unsightly and smelly wheelie bins by appearing as a flowering planter, making outside space tidier and more attractive. It is an exciting new product that excels in its simplicity. It is a decorative container which stores unsightly garbage cans, thus keeping gardens and roads looking their best.

  • Covers multiple size/number and commercial bins
  • Sole worldwide marketing or country specific rights could be acquired with patent protection for this unique product opportunity.
  • License negotiation to be handled by CEO of Inventions UK. Territories to be agreed.
  • The successful Global Licensee would acquire the website/domain/branding & traffic for own use.

The Wheelie Bin Cover is adaptable to suit any requirement.  It can blend into the surroundings or it can be made into a feature.

In production the height of the overall wheelie bin cover need only be marginally taller than the wheelie bin itself. For plants to thrive within it; its imperative that their roots aren’t sodden, so to counteract this, prototypes have been built (with great success) with “built in drainage” so that any over-watering simply drains away. This means that the planter “tray” can be very shallow whilst still providing enough compost/soil for the plants to take root properly and establish themselves to flourish. (this even allows for slight tilting of the wheelie bin to move it on its wheels.)

N.B. As the UK & PCT patents are applied for; there is scope for a manufacturer to become the market leader in as many as 144 countries.


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