Full size Wheelie Bin Cover invention prototype built!

Exciting to report that it is ready!

The 1st ever Wheelie Bin Cover Invention Full Size Prototype!

It is for sale. This is a global licensing opportunity please contact our Licensing Agent (contact details under “contacts” on this website) with your serious enquiries. This is patent applied for in 144 countries and single, twin and multiple versions of these wheelie bin disguises will no doubt sell like hotcakes once we have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s with some of the many interested parties we are in discussions with. Coming to a street near you soon…………….. Hide your bins, they are unsightly and they smell! Eww… Hide your trash can, cover your garbage can, How to disguise your waste receptacle!

See the video here:


  1. Nikki | December 9th 2011

    Hi there, is the wheelie bin cover available in any stores yet? This is exactly what I have been looking for to house my wheelie bins, and am keen to purchase a couple

    • admin | December 9th 2011

      Hi Nikki, Opt in on the homepage and we’ll email you as soon as they are available. Thanks, Nick Staley

  2. Miss M Nielsen | December 9th 2011

    Hi, is it possible to buy this cover for a slim wheely bin & could you advise how much you charge, I need two please.
    Thank you

    Miss M. Nielsen

    • admin | December 9th 2011

      Hello. Not quite yet, (we are working on it though) For now – there’s a notification service on the homepage at http://www.bincover.com Please enter your email address in the section called “let me know when its available” and we will email you when we have product for you to buy. Thanks for getting in touch, Nick

  3. Paula | December 9th 2011

    Hi Nick, Just wondering if you know what price these will be sold at (roughly) and if they will be available in Ireland?

    • nicsta | December 9th 2011

      Hi Paula, Thanks for your comment and your questions. They will be available in Ireland yes but not yet and I’m unable to provide dates or final costs quite yet, sorry. Please add your email address to our “let me know when its available” form on our homepage. http://www.bincover.com -so we can let you know when they are available. (dated April 28th 2015)

  4. Ingrid | December 9th 2011

    Can you tell me if the wheely bin cover is available in the netherlands.
    and if there’s a price yet.

    • nicsta | December 9th 2011

      Hi Ingrid,

      Thanks for the comment. They will be available in The Netherlands yes but not quite yet. There will be a small, a medium and a large. Costing under £200 (plus shipping and VAT). Please add your email address to our “let me know when its available” form on our homepage. http://bincover.com – so we can let you know when they are available. big news coming soon (dated July 26th 2015)

  5. nicsta | December 9th 2011

      13th August 2015:

    Bin Covers now available! on Kickstarter! Now called BINGARDEN™
    Here’s the link to Pre-order, now:

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