Hero Fireman 86, Reunited 39 years on with girl he saved aged 2

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(Author Nick Staley – Taking a day off from the inventing here )

Anyone who knows me will know I spend a bit of time on Facebook! Well today I witnessed something amazing that I just had to share:

Today (17th August 2014) was an emotional day for retired fire fighter hero Bernard Noyce and the girl he helped save aged two!  – Kim Pullin – now aged 41.

The day started off normally, Bernard’s daughter Jane Grant Rhys-Niamh was helping clear his loft and happened upon the old newspaper article. Soon her quest was on to find the little girl (now grown up lady) that her brave daddy had helped save from a horrific house fire when she was just a girl herself.

She posted a link to a facebook group (The Slough i remember) saying:
“Anyone know the 2yr old girl who would now be 41yrs old?”

The facebook group is about people reminiscing from the past their memories of the infamous Slough, Berkshire UK that Ricky Gervais put on the map with his hit TV show The Office.

Within two hours Jane’s inquisitive question on the public facebook page attracted the attention of the very girl in the article, the girl that Bernard helped save from the horrific house fire 39 years ago – Now 41 year old Kim Pullin.

His brave colleague Mick Walker sustained burns and a back injury tripping over a fire-hose whilst he managed to rescue her from the house but she wasn’t breathing at the time.

Bernard the sub-officer gave mouth-to-nose resuscitation to the young infant girl on the front lawn and thankfully managed to bring her back to life. “it took some time before she opened her eyes and gave a little sign”, he said. “it was the most marvellous sensation to see her come to – we were all very relieved” Mick Walker said “we were very lucky to find the little girl and we were only just in time”

Step forward to today and Kim replied to the question to say “I am the little rescued girl, I would love to see the article and meet the fireman. This is so surreal! i’m in total shock!

Jane explained how she was the daughter of the fireman that had resuscitated her, “Bernard Noyce, he’s 86 and sat next to me” and she uploaded a photo of Bernard into the facebook post.

The re-union was on! Within a matter of hours the hero fireman and the little girl who was saved from the edge of death all those years ago were once again re-united.

All the while on a public platform where the local members of the group mostly from the local community whether they knew those concerned or not were moved to tears and got to share in one of the most personal tear-jerking reunions you could expect to witness.  Many commented on how lovely, amazing and how touching a story was unfolding right before our eyes.

There followed a number of requests for people to be kept updated and Jane said “Reunion planned for 6.30pm – Will be posting pictures later.”

Some five or so hours on from her question, Jane kept that promise and uploaded a number of photos of the long awaited emotional re-union to the facebook group page much to the group member’s and friends’ delight.

Karen Connor said – This is so lovely, the amazing power of social networking!!!

Jo Stephenson said – This would’ve been a great story for ‘Surprise Surprise’ and – Ahhh luv it..was beginning to get abit fed up with all the ‘how bad has slough got’ comments and status’s but this has brought it back again…

Chloe Louise Pullin said – Thanks for saving my Mama, Bernard! Lovely meeting you all xxx

Ruth Woodward said – Sorry I didn’t get to meet you Kim Pullin – i’m Bernard’s other daughter! If I had known this was going to happen this evening I would have stayed down there and joined in! But I’m so happy for you and for dad that you have been able to meet up like this. I’m very proud of my daddy!

Philip Walker (the son of the other hero fireman that pulled Kim out of the house) said – Hi all. Dad died about nine years ago, but it was fantastic to see this remembered. This was a subject that came up at his funeral, so great to see the young lady grown up and doing well.

Kim said – Would of been lovely to meet your dad Philip Walker and to thank him for saving my life. A true hero! –

Jane said – Humble is the first word I used to describe my dad to kim before she met him tonight. I’m so sorry to hear your dad is no longer with us. Hopefully everyone reading these posts will give their full support to the men and women currently serving as fire fighters and fighting this stupid government for the right to the pension they were promised when they signed up!
Let’s have a bit of help for heroes of the fire department!!!”

Personally – I think this is a great idea, let’s give a big cheer to all the fire fighters out there who protect and serve and put themselves at risk in the line of duty.

Feel good photo of the day

Kim Pullin meets Bernard Noyce for the second time in better circumstances


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Your feel good story of the day.




emergency service feel good story firemen

Hero Fireman saves 2 year old girl







feel good story of the day

Hero fireman reunited with girl he saved

Girl aged 2 snatched from fire death

The original article detailing the house fire Firemen heroes

the daughter Jane Grant Rhys-Niamh

Hero Fireman, girl he helped save and daughter whose facebook post brought them together 39 years later.

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