Many years ago wheelie bins were the revolution to replace the common household dust bin and their widespread convenience has now made them an essential part of any house or business. However, householders are now rising up against the scourge of the wheelie bin (see Press Cuttings in the downloadable “Product Profile” on product spec page).

There is growing concern around the use of wheelie bins as they are deemed rather unattractive. In fact most people would call them very unsightly, unattractive and frequently smelly. Wheelie bins are often parked outside front doors because many households have nowhere else to put them and bin men want to reach them easily from the road. Moreover, many modern homes do not necessarily have access to the rear of their property. However, people are now getting increasingly angry at the rising number of wheelie bins on the streets and the eye-sore that they create. Furthermore, they are preventing many people from enjoying any outside space that they may have. Nevertheless, all across the country people are finding that their local councils are ignoring the public’s growing concerns about wheelie bins and are continuing to utilise them.

However, the Wheelie Bin Cover is all that is needed to quell this growing wheelie bin rebellion. From now on there will be no more hassle when using wheelie bins. The Wheelie Bin Cover instantly conceals wheelie bins that were primarily designed for functionality and not for style and transforms them into an attractive outside feature.

There is clearly a huge market opportunity for the Wheelie Bin Cover and it is these simple observations that have been central to the design of the Wheelie Bin Cover.

The Wheelie Bin Cover is an exciting new product that excels in its simplicity. It is a decorative container which stores unsightly wheelie bins, thus keeping gardens and roads looking their best.

Key selling feature

The Wheelie Bin Cover is adaptable to suit any requirement. It can blend into the surroundings or it can be made into a feature.

Marketing considerations

There is a huge potential market for the Wheelie Bin Cover. In 2006/2007 the total amount of UK households waste was 25.7 million tonnes ( With such alarming amounts of waste being produced by UK households every year there is a huge market for an innovative product such as the Wheelie Bin Cover.

The Wheelie Bin Cover will primarily be intended for use by ordinary householders with domestic rubbish and it may have an application for small commercial users. There is also great potential for the Wheelie Bin Cover to be marketed worldwide.

The Wheelie Bin Cover is in a very strong position to benefit from a thriving and largely untapped market. It is unrivaled in its function and design and thus is sure to enjoy great commercial success, both in the UK and abroad.

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