How it works

Both a Decorative Planter and a Clever Wheelie Bin Cover!

The wheelie bin appears disguised as a decorative planter until it’s concealed lid is pulled (like opening your top drawer) which transforms it into a clever Wheelie Bin Store that automatically (without having to touch the dirty bin) has already lifted your Wheelie bin’s lid for you!

You throw away your rubbish bag and simply slide its top section back which has the dual purpose of closing the Wheelie Bin’s Lid for you and VOILA!: It’s back to its Decorative Planter disguise!

Only once a week (or whenever your bin day is!) would you have to touch the bin, by opening the Wheelie Bin Cover’s door to roll the wheelie bin out & put it by the roadside.

Once empty you’d roll it back inside and shut the Wheelie Bin Cover’s door. You could then either re-attach to the bin’s lid right away or perhaps leave that until later when you next throw away some rubbish or some recycling.

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