There is a huge potential market for the Wheelie Bin Cover and in such a healthy market the success of an innovative product such as the Wheelie Bin Cover is all but guaranteed.

From 1991/92 to 2007/08 total household waste generated per person in England increased by 16%. In 2007/2008 the total amount of UK households waste was 25.3 million tonnes. This accounted for 88.7% of municipal waste and equated to 495kg of household waste per person ( These alarming figures illustrate the vast amounts of household waste produced within the UK every year. In such conditions any strong product in the waste disposal market, such as the Wheelie Bin Cover, is bound to succeed.

Protestors throughout the country believe wheelie bins blight our streets and gardens. The issue has triggered petitions and even public demonstrations, with residents in one town in South Oxfordshire marching on the council offices (Daily Mail, 17 June 2009). Therefore, there is bound to be much appeal for the Wheelie Bin Cover as it provides a perfect solution for this problem.

Another source of discontent surrounding wheelie bins is the fact that many homes are now provided with more than one wheelie bin in the government drive for household recycling. Under a new zero waste policy homes could be given up to five bins for recyclables, landfill, paper, food and compost (Daily Mail, 12 October 2009). Councils are increasingly being pushed to recycle more.

Recent research shows that the country is indeed recycling more. The proportion of household waste per person collected for recycling increased from just 3% in 1991/92 to a huge 35% in 2007/08. Furthermore, this rise has shown no signs of stabilizing. In absolute terms the amount of household waste sent for recycling between 2006 to 2008 has increased by 10% from 8.0 million tonnes to 8.7 million tonnes ( The chart below shows the changes in household waste and recycling per capita from 1996 to 2008:

Opponents of wheelie bins are not opposed to recycling and thus in this growing culture of recycling the Wheelie Bin Cover is sure to be popular.

The Wheelie Bin Cover is intended for use by domestic householders, but it may also have an application for use by small commercial users. It will be sold in garden centres, supermarkets, specialist stores and the internet. The internet is a key target as significant numbers of people use the web as both a retail outlet and a source of advice. Additionally, there is great potential for the Wheelie Bin Cover to be marketed throughout Europe and worldwide.

All indicators suggest that the potential market for the Wheelie Bin Cover is extremely strong. With the high levels of effectiveness and aesthetical appeal that the Wheelie Bin Cover has to offer, combined with the illustrated thriving market for such a product within the UK and abroad, the outstanding success of the Wheelie Bin Cover is all but assured.

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