Product Spec

The wheelie bin is housed in a decorative container, which has a sliding section above which can be planted with flowers and shrubs.

As the top section is pulled forward a simple connection to the lid of the wheelie bin causes it to rise so that the rubbish can be deposited. It then returns as the top section is pushed back in place. When the bin is to be removed for emptying the lid attachment can be easily removed. The attachment is currently a spring clip, which fastens on the lip of the lid, but this may not be the final design.

The top section of the Wheelie Bin Cover contains soil and therefore could cause the unit to topple over when it is in the open position. This problem can be overcome by a number of different methods. For example, the front edge of the base could be extended to act as a support. Alternatively, the rear top edge could be manufactured with screw holes so that it could be fastened to an adjacent wall or a fence or the back. Another option is for the bottom edge to be provided with holes so that it could be secured to the ground using raw bolts if the ground is concrete or ground anchors if it is soil.

The inventor has created the latest prototype in cedar, as this is aesthetically pleasing and has a good resistance to environmental conditions. Other materials are also possible.

In areas where more than one wheelie bin is required it is also possible to make a multi-station unit. In addition the Wheelie Bin Cover maybe lockable to prevent theft.

It is anticipated that the cost of this product will be very competitive and well within a retail price that will make it acceptable to domestic users, as well as to companies and businesses.

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